guide to reaching baby boomers on social media

One of the most astonishing achievements of social media has been its normalization among all generations. For the baby boomer generation, that couldn’t be truer.

At the beginning of social media’s uprisal, these were sites that were rarely touched by anyone over thirty. Social networking was most popular among teenagers and younger generations where flaunting your favorite music and your list of best friends was a way to prove your popularity.

Today, social media sites are used by everyone, regardless of age. In large part, this is thanks to Facebook’s over-arching popularity and the changes it made to the social media space for the baby boomer generations and beyond. Facebook become the most popular social media website on the internet, and it has held its dominance since its inception. Your mom, your dad, and even your grandparents are probably using Facebook. That’s why it’s a great place to start marketing, especially if baby boomers are your target audience.

This guide touches on how marketers and businesses can reach baby boomers on social media and tap into the generational trends that exist here.

Use Facebook

Baby boomers are mostly on Facebook. In comparison to LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media sites, Facebook is where you’re going to find your biggest baby boomer audience. Start there.

Share Content Baby Boomers Consume

The following are the most commonly shared types of content among generations 50+ years and older:

  • Politics
  • Finance
  • Insurance
  • Travel

This is the majority of what baby boomers consume. The Baby Boomer generation is quickly approaching retirement, which means they’re most likely to be interested in social media posts that give them ideas about vacations, retirement living and other potential plans for retirement. They are concerned with their financial well-being, their ability to give back to their family once they are gone, their health and their political affiliations. Sharing this type of content on social media is a great way to start reaching baby boomers.

Stay away from memes, and share meaningful content

When was the last time your grandma or grandpa sent you a meme? Probably never. It’s best to stay away from memes and other quickly consumed content if you are working to reach baby boomers. Rather, share in-depth and intellectual articles that might resonate on a deeper level with your audience. Baby boomers are after the genuine, practical advice, not the type of stuff that millennials are sharing. Use content marketing trends to create a strategy that’s meaningful and impactful for your audience.

There are many ways to reach baby boomers on social media, but these practical steps should help you tap into the baby boomer market without getting distracted and bogged down by needing to try everything. To get more information about what your business can do to improve its social media engagement for customers of all ages, contact Edge360 Creative!


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