DIY Website Audit Checklist for Small Business

How-to: 10-minute DIY Website Audit

The beginning of the year is a great time to perform a 10-minute audit of your website. And you can do it yourself! Here's a checklist: Does it load quickly? Your website should load completely in under a few seconds. Can the spam. One…
North Carolina Tax Law Changes for Small Business and Entrepreneurs

North Carolina Taxpayers Receive Gift on New Year's Day

Thanks to the 2017 state budget approved by the North Carolina General Assembly which took effect on January 1, the personal income tax has dropped from 5.499% to 5.25%. In addition, the corporate tax rate has been lowered from 3% to 2.5% in…
Local Search Engine Optimization Business Tips

5 Easy On-Site Search Engine Optimization Tips for Your Business Website

If you run a small to medium-sized business, you probably aren't really concerned with dominating global search results (yet). Instead, the local community you serve is probably the lifeblood of your business, and showing up at the top of local…
Small Business Saturday Tips

5 Tips for Entrepreneurs This Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday is just around the corner, and for shoppers across the country, it means supporting local businesses and taking a day to let them know how much they are appreciated. It's a day of shopping, sales and an overall emphasis…
Small Business Online

3 Reasons Why Small and Medium-Sized Businesses Should Consider Digital

In today's digital world, there's an app for that - whatever "that" may be. Devices like smartphones and tablets are becoming the dashboards of our lives. Depositing a check? Snap a picture of it and tap the button on your bank's app. Does your…
Small Business Website Security

Open for Business but Also Open for Hackers?

Protection against cyber attacks is crucial for any small business. A surprising report says that the average small business website is attacked by bots 44 times a day; however, many small businesses can't picture themselves as a target. It's…