Logo Design and Corporate Identity

You know a good corporate identity when you see one. Want proof? Quick – name your favorite shoe, or your favorite fast-food restaurant. In your head, you know their logo, their slogans and theme songs, and their colors. Our goal is to make that same kind of consistency and creativity come to life for your business or organization.

A logo represents your company’s culture and values, and helps customers identify you in the marketplace. Because they do the heavy lifting for your brand, logos must be professional and easily recognizable.

Edge360 Creative can create a custom business logo design or help you revamp your existing logo or brand. We take the time to learn about your business or organization so that your message is well conveyed by your logo design and corporate identity. We work with colors and graphics that complement your business and your style.

Whether your business is a one-person show or a large corporation, it needs its own voice. Our job is to help you find it. Edge360 Creative can create an effective, memorable logo and corporate identity that will leave a lasting impression with your customers.

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