Social Media Consulting and Online Presence Management

Managing social media presence requires time and effort and is an ongoing relationship between you and your customers.

There are so many online social networking sites, and trying to figure out where to place yourself and your company message can be as exhaustive as trying to keep up with them. However, social media has many advantages, such as allowing you to speak directly to your customer base and receive real-time feedback. This can be especially handy for starting a new marketing campaign, sharing company news and product updates, lead generation, and general brand enhancement.

Our social media consulting solutions are designed to:

  • increase awareness of your company’s products and services
  • create meaningful engagements with new and existing customers
  • drive enthusiastic clients to your business

Accounts across multiple social networks require consistent updates and someone to be there to respond to messages and questions. In addition, knowing what your customers are saying about you can be vital to your success. Edge360 Creative can help you monitor your social media presences and provide helpful insight and regular updates.

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