Website Hosting Services

Edge360 Creative not only designs and develops websites. We also provide fast, secure, reliable, managed website hosting services for a variety of clients. This allows you and your team to focus on your business operations without the headache of worrying about backups, security, software updates and site maintenance.

Fast, Reliable, Secure Website Hosting


Our servers utilize the latest cloud technology and fast solid state drives that are 20x faster than traditional hard drives.


Our website servers are located in a highly secure data center, protected 24/7 by armed guards. We employ preventative measures to guard against hacking and DDoS attacks, and we proactively update software and monitor for threats.


We host all of our websites on high availability, secure web servers in fully redundant data centers, meaning virtually no downtime.

Managed and Maintained

We keep your site patched and updated, and we make sure it is optimized to run at its best. Weekly automated backups are performed and can be restored within minutes if something happens to your website.

Need updates? No worries. All of our hosting plans include time for minor on demand updates. Simply put, Edge360 Creative runs your website so you can focus on running your business.

Why Work With Us

We have years of experience hosting and maintaining hundreds of websites. Providing secure, stable, high performance website hosting services is complicated. You can trust Edge360 Creative to keep your site secured, updated and optimized for high performance.